What does Buena Fé mean?

Buena Fé translates to ‘Good Faith‘ and represents the clean and pure nature of our Organic Quenchers.

Buena Fe Co-Founders in Agave Field
Organic Tequila Distillery

Our Tequila

We use organic 100% blue weber agave blanco tequila.  That means all of the alcohol in Buena Fé comes from the agave plant.

Beware those who peddle mixto as “real tequila.” 

organic quality

Not only is all of our juice organic, but we use organic agave, organic natural flavors and organic tequila. We know what your thinking, “who goes that far?”

We do!

Buena Fe Founder in Agave Field

What about Calories

Our Watermelon-Strawberry Quencher only has 136 calories and our Mango-Pineapple has 140 calories.

We believe great flavor is worth taking a few extra steps a day.